Stable Real Estate Investments in Singapore During Covid-19


The novel COVID-19 has taken the whole world by storm and dragged everyone into panic-buying. Financial and investment predictions have been quashed, sending investors into a puzzling array. The pandemic has penetrated virtually all countries in the world. Businesses were put on a standstill, as movements and socializing were restricted. However, buying and selling of essential items was still invoke. Like every other sector, the real estate industry has not been left unscathed. No one can predict when this pandemic will end and when the economy will revert to normalcy.


In Singapore, a plethora of real estate investors is on the lookout for crises-buying of properties.

But, is it advisable to put your money on the line by investing in a real estate property during this wavy time when the global economy is unstable?

Affirmative! But only if you discover the real estate investments that are stable and profitable during this pandemic. Despite the ravaging effects of the pandemic, some real estate projects have showed the green light and are quite promising and profitable. For instance, the Affinity at Serangoon project, Avenue south residences project at Singapore have shown glimpses of stability and profitability. Affinity at Serangoon within the period has announced the complete sellouts of their heritage units. However, their peak and horizon choice units are still on sale.

A plethora of investors would prefer to wait and see the economic trend before buying a property. Meanwhile, buyers will be attracted to buy if the property is sold at a profitable price and at a nice location. Of course, this is applicable to resold and newly-launched properties. Singaporeans are already in the property market, as lots of developers are very sensitive to the prices of projects. Estate property companies have received massive requests from interested investors who have made enquiries about the pricing and other important information about the units. There is additional information as per the heritage, peak, and horizon units. There are updates in the prices of the various bedroom apartments in Avenue south residences.

These developers have made giant strides in securing the lives and futures of their clients. They have put the necessary precautions and preventive measures in place. They take turns in screening visitors and ensuring that they complete the health declaration form. More so, booking and other procedures are done with social distancing in mind. Customers, investors, and other consumers are organised in small groups.

Sequel to the relaxation of total lockdown in Singapore, real estate companies has adopted innovative strategies in their operations. Affinity at Serangoon gives room for virtual bookings, presentation of units that are on sale, pricing information’s, etc.

Customers are allowed into the facilities and showroom after booking an appointment. A show flat viewing time slot is assigned to all buyers to curb overcrowding. They have efficient mechanisms for implementing contact tracing. If you intend to see these facilities, then you have to go along with your face mask.

A peep into their prices indicates the inevitability of profitability in investing in the condos at Affinity at Serangoon.

Certainly, the economy in the post-COVID world will take a different turn, and acquiring a stable property at this time will turn out to become one of the best decisions for any investor.

Within the suburbs of Singapore is the Riviere condo by Frasers and it is very promising. Being a new premium private project, it is open for the second phase of the easing measures. Every modality have been put in place for a safe and productive investment experience during the pandemic period. The showroom will only witness very few visitors who before coming will have to book appointments for time reservations. Virtual sighting of the sites and home units are made available for would-be investors

The price tags are very commendable, as it suits a wide range of purposes. The prices of the Riviere condo are as stated on the price page of their website. In addition, the condo has a very appealing heritage, warehouses, and many lifestyle developments.

Another stable real estate property that Worths huge investment during the pandemic is the Amber Park condo. Situated within close proximity with MRT, investors in Amber condo are assured of comfortable housing units. While opening the doors of the showroom to investors, the condo will implement all the preventive measures including social distancing, and crowd control. Before visiting the property, all customers are requested to make an appointment to book a visiting slot. If you are visiting the Amber park condo, kindly do so during your appointed visiting time slot and you must go along with your face mask, else you will be denied entry. Visitors who have travelled overseas during the previous two weeks are advised not to visit the facility. Make use of the contact form to book for your physical visit. However, you can still embark on a virtual tour of the condo and the showrooms to know whether they meet your desired specifications.

On the whole, it would be best if you consider investing in these facilities as they are stable enough to accrue massive rewards during and after the pandemic.

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