Singapore Government

Recommendation 2

Strategic Thrust 1: Leading Global Centre for Accountancy Talent, Education, Thought Leadership & Professional Development.

To develop Singapore into a Centre of Excellence in the areas of the professional development of Chief Financial Officers, as well as the development of specialisation pathways in internal audit and risk management expertise, business valuation expertise (especially in the areas relating to intellectual property, brands, corporate finance and arbitration proceedings), and international tax expertise.

The SAC will provide the oversight on the development of these professional specialisation pathways. Steering Committees should be set up for the development of these specialisation pathways, which includes the development of professional qualifications, job-specific competency frameworks, certification programmes and a regional examination centre. A CFO Institute for the professional development of Chief Financial Officers should also be established. The Tax Academy should continue to champion the development of tax expertise.

The final composition of the respective Steering Committees will be determined by the SAC and will include, but not limited to, the following partners:

(a)    Internal Audit Steering Committee: Representatives from the Institute of Internal Auditors, the ICPAS, and the industry;

(b)     Business Valuation Steering Committee: Business valuation experts and representatives from the ICPAS; and

(c)     CFO Steering Committee: CFOs and representatives from the ICPAS.

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