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Professional Accountants in Business

Professional Accountants in Business (PAIBs) perform vital roles across a range of industries and sectors, applying their knowledge of and skills in accountancy to allow their organisations to achieve greater success.

PAIBs hold key responsibilities at every level of management, with many serving in positions of executive or strategic leadership, such as CEOs and CFOs. PAIBs are not limited to pure accounting roles. Many also operate in the capacity of Internal Auditors, Professional Business Valuers and Risk Managers as well.

The SAC is committed to working with and supporting PAIBs; through our programmes, we seek to raise awareness of the crucial role that PAIBs play in creating and enabling value for their organisations.

Through our various initiatives such as the Singapore CFO Institute, the Asia Centre of Excellence for Internal Audit and the Business Valuation Institute, the SAC is also seeking to enhance the skills of PAIBs at the highest level of the profession and to support fresh initiatives in thought leadership and research.

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