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Professional accountants work in a variety of roles in various industries and sectors, including public accounting, banking & finance, public sector and charities. Click on each role to find out more about what professional accountants do.

Business Valuer

A Business Valuer is a professional who ascertains the value of a business, its ownership interest or a particular asset or liability of the business. It is a key component of investor and corporate activities in the financial markets. In many instances, business valuation is carried out for purposes relating to transactional matters such as mergers, acquisitions, divestments, transfer of shares among shareholders, compliance with tax regulations and stock exchange listing rules.  Business Valuers can be found in public accounting firms, boutique professional services firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, financial institutions and corporations.

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is a corporate officer primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation.  The CFO is also responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting.  The CFO has a major say in the corporation's capital structure, investments and how the corporation manages its income and expenses. The CFO works closely with other executives and plays a major role in any company's success, especially in the long run.  In recent times, the role and responsibilities of the CFO has expanded beyond a traditional “book-keeping” role.  The CFO is now expected to be a dynamic business partner to the CEO, an visionary business leader and a custodian of the corporation.

External Auditor

An External Auditor is an audit professional who is part of an audit team which performs an audit engagement in accordance with specific laws or rules on the financial statements of an organisation, and who is independent of the organisation being audited.  An audit team could include the engagement partner (Public Accountant), other audit professionals, other professional accountants, individuals working towards qualification as professional accountants, and other support staff who do not intend to qualify as professional accountants.  In providing their opinion on the financial statements, only External Auditors who are Public Accountants can sign off on the Independent Auditors’ Report.

Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor is an independent and objective person who provides assurance and consulting services designed to value add and improve an organisation’s operations. Internal Auditors help organisations accomplish their objectives via a systematic, disciplined approach used to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Internal Auditors also improve organisations’ effectiveness and efficiency by providing insights and recommendations based on analyses and assessments of data and business processes. Internal Auditors work in a myriad of industries and environments and can come from a variety of backgrounds.

Public Accountant

A Public Accountant is a person who is registered as a Public Accountant with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACR).

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