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Accounting Entities

Accounting Entities (AEs) are among the key stakeholders in Singapore’s accountancy sector.

The accountancy sector comprises two key segments, Accounting Entities (AEs) and Professional Accountants in Business (PAIBs). AEs provide professional accountancy services (primarily auditing and taxation advisory services) as well as advisory services (such as corporate finance, internal audit and risk management).

AEs comprise three main groups: the Big Four firms; Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) that audit Public Interest Entities (PIEs); and SMPs that don’t audit PIEs.

Big Four

Among the key players in Singapore’s accountancy sector are the Big Four global accountancy firms. With staff numbering 1,500 to 2,500, these offer a comprehensive range of professional accountancy services.

Also playing a critical role within our accountancy sector are SMPs with staff sizes ranging from 20 to 650. Many are homegrown firms that also serve as the Singaporean or regional office of one of the major global accountancy networks.


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