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Accountancy Sector Research Centre

To promote high-quality market relevant research in professional accountancy services to position Singapore as the leading global accountancy hub.

Accountancy Sector Research Center

The Accountancy Sector Research Centre (ASRC) logo is based on the ‘Research Pyramid’ – a framework representing the three main methodologies for quantitative and qualitative research in accounting: Archival, Analytical and Experimental. This assists in decision making by helping us to see all sides clearly.

The pyramids are arranged to represent a tree – a symbol of how stability, strength, growth and prosperity of the accountancy sector stems from insights uncovered through research.

Green is the colour defined for the ASRC, representing sustainability, growth and vitality, renewal and restoration.


The Accountancy Sector Research Centre (ASRC), the research arm of the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC), promotes and facilitates research efforts for the Accountancy Sector by formulating plans and strategies with a view to transform Singapore into a Centre of Excellence in accounting research.

Through collaboration with stakeholders in the Accountancy Sector in the promotion of relevant and rigorous accounting research, ASRC’s objective is to contribute towards SAC’s Vision for Singapore to be the Leading Global Accountancy Hub.

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Strategic Focus

The ASRC’s research focus is on developing research capabilities in accountancy-related professional services, and on issues relevant to Singapore and the Asia-Pacific marketplace. Research areas would include application issues arising from developments in international standards and regulatory reforms which have practical impact in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.  ASRC works closely with industry stakeholders to identify emerging research areas and implement its research strategies.

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