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Our Vision, Mission and Values

The Singapore Accountancy Commission is the lead agency in spearheading the development of the accountancy sector in Singapore. In tandem with the Committee to Develop the Accountancy Sector's (CDAS) vision and 10 recommendations, we have set out the following vision, mission and values to guide all future initiatives.


Singapore: The Leading Global Accountancy Hub



We develop for Singapore a vibrant accountancy sector that enables the economy to grow, businesses to thrive and talent to flourish.




We oversee the strategic direction and effective development of the Singapore accountancy sector, with a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of all our stakeholders.


We stand at the forefront of developments in the local, regional and international accountancy sector, continuously anticipate needs and trends and formulate strategies to stay ahead.


We bring together diverse stakeholders vested in the Singapore accountancy sector and work with them to realise shared goals.


We champion the interests of all our stakeholders in order to advance the accountancy profession and the Singapore accountancy sector, proudly representing them on the global stage.

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